Major Locales of the Titan I Complex


This is a log of changes and updates to the web site listed in descending order from newest to oldest.  This site is very much a Work in Progress and my work on it is ever on-going though updates may be slow.

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Site Updates 2016

07/25/2016- Something Stirs: Projects in the Works and Other News

3D Model

I've been planning a more ambitious and detailed model of a Titan I complex for over a decade and for the past 4 months, this work has been underway.  This work will provide a far more detailed and accurate view of a Titan I complex and with luck will culminate in a model that will allow real-time exploration of a Lowry site configuration from within a web browser.  Perhaps 75% of the basic structure of the underground complex has been modeled so far.  The real trick will be moving to something with textures and hopefully the ability to "walk" or "fly" through it to explore.


Silo cap in progress


Silo cap and other structures in the early stages


Silo cap again, with doors, ram and other associated parts


More about the Beale site in the future-- lots of photos and videos yet to come.  I still hope to have some video later this year if the computer upgrade I am planning goes smoothly.  Once upgraded, I can deal with HD video editing and other newer software.


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