Major Locales of the Titan I Complex

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This is the layout typical of Titan I complexes.  The basic structures shown below were common to all operational sites.  There were some differences in configuration between sites, most notably in the Power House air intake and exhaust structures.


Hold the mouse over any areas below to see what they are, or click to go directly to the desired location and have a look around.  Not all areas are labeled below so you may want to browse around.

Portal Power House Control Center Propellant Terminal #3 Propellant Terminal #1 Propellant Terminal #2 Equipment Terminal #1 Equipment Terminal #2 Equipment Terminal #3 Launcher #1 Launcher #2 Launcher #3 Fuel Terminal Antenna Terminal Blast Lock #2 Blast Lock #1 Main Tunnel Junction (T.J.#10) LOX Bay #1 LOX Bay #2 LOX Bay #3 Antenna Tunnel Power House Exhaust Utilities Tunnel Utilities Tunnel Utilities Tunnel Power House Air Intake LOX Tunnel & Loading Vent LOX Tunnel & Loading Vent LOX Tunnel & Loading Vent Launcher Air Filtration

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