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Here are some relevant links (not necessarily all Titan I related, but certainly missile-related in some way) I can recommend for further reading and study on missile defense and the like.  I try to keep this list current, but please let me know if any of the links become unavailable: contact me.

(Last updated October 10, 2010)

Titan I Missiles - Recommended web sites devoted primarily to the Titan I missile system.

Missile Base VR Tour - The grand-daddy of all the missile sites out there, this Titan I exploration page has been around since 1995 when most of us thought the WWW was some professional wrestling league.  Though most folks with an interest in missiles and internet access will have likely seen this page already, it must be included for completeness.

Titan I Missile Site Coordinates - Details the operational Titan site locations and current locations of Titan I missiles on display with lots of links and history compiled for the missile obsessed-- like me!


Atlas Missiles - Recommended web sites devoted primarily to Atlas missile systems.

Nebraska Atlas F Silos - As the name would suggest, this site is primarily about Atlas F systems, but also contains links to missile bases currently for sale and photos of Titan and other Atlas configurations and even talks about how to fix up your own disused Atlas complex!  Great resources and photos make this a valuable site to visit.

Atlas Missile Silo - An ambitious guide to all 3 deployed Atlas configurations: D, E and F, showing site locations comprising the many Atlas squadrons.  There are some great resources available in the "downloads" section in PDF format.

548th Strategic Missile Squadron - Website devoted to the 548th SMS (Atlas E) out of Forbes AFB, Topeka, Kansas.

556th Strategic Missile Squadron - Website devoted to the 556th SMS (Snark, Atlas F) out of Presque Isle AFB, Presque Isle, Maine and Plattsburgh AFB, Plattsburgh, New York.

577th Strategic Missile Squadron - Website devoted to the 557th SMS (Atlas F) out of Altus AFB, Altus, Oklahoma.

579th Strategic Missile Squadron - Website devoted to the 579th SMS, (Atlas F) out of Walker Air Force Base, Roswell, New Mexico.


General Missile Systems - Recommended web sites covering Titan, Atlas and other systems.

The Association of Air Force Missileers - A non-profit organization of U.S. missile crews, historians and folks dedicated to the preservation of Air Force missile history in America from its humble origins to the present day.  They have some great historical resources available for modest donations as well as a newsletter and annual meetings hosted by the missileers.


Missile Related Links - Miscellaneous missile-related sites I recommend for the missile history enthusiast.

Univac Athena Missile Guidance Computer - A site devoted to the hulking computer of the vacuum-tube-era that saw service in the Titan I operational sites: The Remington Rand Univac Athena computer.  This group worked with the surplussed computers after they were retired from the Titan sites and were given to universities.  History, photos and other interesting information about the Athena can be found here.


Russian Missile Systems - Sites covering Russian missile systems.

Martin Trolle's Photos - If you are like myself, you have long had a hunger to get a close up look at the Russian missile systems that stood opposite our own Atlas and Titan missiles.  Martin's photo albums provide a very good look at defunct early Russian missile installations as they look today with many, many photos.


Cold War Links - Sites concerning Cold War history.

Dienststelle Marienthal - Covers the author's book about the massive German government bunker that recently began demolition after it failed to sell to any private buyers.  Beautiful photos of this stunning facility will make you feel ill knowing that the facility has been destroyed.  The book, which is currently out of print and unavailable is featured in part on this site.  Though not directly missile-related, I am confident visitors will find this to be an interesting inclusion, and relevant by its association to the cold-war missile era.


Urban Exploration and Decay - Sites about exploring old missiles sites and many other cast-off relics of our modern civilization.

Bearings Blog - An illuminating site that explores abandoned sites, architecture, travel, interesting and historical sites and other facets of our world.  Excellent post-operational Titan I photos!

Action Squad - A classic Urban Exploration site that digs deep into the underground of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota.  This site has some great locations and engaging stories to tell about history in the Twin Cities.

I Decay's Flickr page - Excellent photos of disused locations around the east coast area including hospitals and other abandoned buildings.

Off Yonder Photography - Explorer Cameron shares a small set of great photos from his visit to Lowry 725-B, the Deer Trail site in Colorado. - Urban historian and photographer Steve explores the artful side of decay with stunning photos of fascinating cast off and forgotten places around the world.  He made his way to a Lowry Titan 1 site and has some great pictures to share.  If you enjoy the Titan 1 photos, be sure to see where else he's visited.

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