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Site Updates 2007

This is a log of changes and updates to the web site listed in descending order from newest to oldest.  This site is very much a Work in Progress and my work on it is ever on-going though updates may be slow.


If you are looking for what's new, you've come to the right place!  Links are provided to updated material when applicable, and postings are organized by date.  Check back often, you never know when I'll add something new!

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12/14/2007 - Missile Silo Section Part VII Completed

Missile Silos section Part VII is complete and Part VIII will soon follow with more cribwork photos.  Good news for those of you who find the cribwork interesting.  Bad news for those who do not.  :P



12/06/2007 - Missile Silo Section Part VI Completed

Missile Silos section Part VI is complete and Part VII will continue exploring the silo cribwork.  Part VI is the largest section in the entire web site in terms of file size.  I hope that this will not prove to be too much of a detraction as the images may take a while to load.


Please stand by for future updates.

11/16/2007 - Correction to Missile Silo Section Parts IV and V

There I go screwing up again.  I have corrected errors in Missile Silo sections Part IV and Part V.  I will have to stop drinking so much while I author these pages!  


Seems I trusted my memory to recall what a piece of hardware in the silo was and it was completely wrong!  I was saying that the mounting points for the launcher elevator motor platform spring assemblies were instead for the massive wire ropes to the launcher elevator system. That'll learn me to trust my mind.  You see, when you get to be my age, the mind starts to fail in little ways like this...

11/11/2007 - Missile Silo Section Part V Completed

Missile Silos section Part V completed.  Stand by for the inevitable section VI where we take a rare look at the silo cribwork.

11/07/2007 - Missile Silo Section Part IV Completed (finally)

Completed Missile Silos section Part IV at long last.  My apologies for the long wait.  My apologies in advance for the long time it will undoubtedly take me to complete sections V, IV and VII (yes there will be at least 7 sections).


I will begin work on section V shortly, though I may take a break from the missile silos to work on some of the many other sections awaiting completion just to break up the monotony.  :)

10/05/2007 - Correction to Missile Silo Section Part I

Corrected the caption to the 6th image in the Missile Silos section Part I that erroneously designated a LOX vent and relief line as a LOX fill line-- quite different animals.


My bad.  Well, I guess they are all my bads really.  Thanks to a helpful visitor for setting the record straight!  In fact, he has noted a few other items that need addressing as well.


As always, if you see something wrong and feel confident that an error, boo boo or even  outright B.S. may be present, please don't hesitate to contact me.

10/03/2007 - Section Updates!

I noticed that I had uploaded Missile Silos section Part IV and forget to include most of the images.  Sorry about that.  They are now up and the section is still in the works though it has expanded.  Look for its completion in the next week.  Missile Silos section Part V will follow shortly and if you can believe it, there will be more after that as well.  


Hey, just be glad you can skip over stuff that doesn't interest you.  I am including section IV and V for completeness and because I risked by life to get those lousy pictures!

09/26/2007 - Section Updates!

Finally, an actual update!  After months of jack, I am pleased to have some new content for you good folks who have been waiting for me to get something done around here.


The Missile Silos sections Part I and Part II are now complete and Part III is taking shape.  Please check back soon for further updates as I will be continuing work through this next week on more content to the Missile Silos sections.  I hope you will enjoy the new stuff.

07/26/2007 - Another Embarrassing Error Fixed

In a line of complete and utter BS, a paragraph in the Fuel Terminal section stated erroneously that the Titan I airframe was pressurized like the early Atlas airframes to provide enough stability.  This was not the case as the Titan I airframes were self-supporting and could stand without fuel, oxidizer or pressurizing gases.


This error had persisted since about 2003 when I first wrote that section in my ill-informed state.  Fred Epler pointed out the error of my ways well over a year ago and I forgot to correct it.  Fortunately, some good folks on the missiletalk group brought this issue to my attention once again and now I have removed the unsightly misinformation.

06/17/2007 - New Section Added!

Years ago I created a 3D map of a typical Lowry AFB Titan I operational complex using game mapping software.  This new section shows what I spent WAY too much time working to produce:  A fun diversion that I thought deserved to be included here.


The model section contains many images of the 3D Titan I complex as well as real photos for comparison and even some videos that allow you to virtually visit a Titan I complex (somewhat simplified however).  I broke the section up into 3 pages so you won't spend all day waiting for it to load: Titan Model Part I, Titan Model Part 2, Titan Model Part 3.

06/07/2007 - Error Expunged!

Corrected a glaring error in the Missile Silos section.  I had included a Titan II silo shot-- a very noticeably different silo launch configuration-- by mistake.


Must have been due to a lack of sleep or something.  Either that or I need to give up the sauce!


My thanks to Fred for pointing out the error.  If anyone sees any errors, please contact me and let me know so I can work to keep things accurate around here.  Thanks!

05/29/2007 - Section Update!

Updated Missile Silos section with additional text and images-- still not completed yet however.  Tweaked menus and added the Updates page so you can read these exciting notes!

04/29/2007 - Titan I Epitaph Official Opening

After years of diddling around, the site is up!

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