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Titan I 3D Model Part 2

I had hoped to add a "surface" to the model once the underground portions were complete.  That way the complex would not just be floating in space.  It would also let the freight elevator and its doors function so it could take you to the surface.  That too went unfinished though the freight elevator was able to take you up and down, just not to the surface.


Top-down view of the entry portal.


Blueprint of the entry portal.


The control center-- a bit barren but all the rooms and stairs are in place.


Control center viewed from above showing the upper level.  Communications is located on the lower side and the computer room and office is at the top.


By now you may have wondered at the strange colors of the floors, walls and other features.  Well, let me tell you about all that.  Once you have created a room the walls and floors will typically be displayed using a "default" appearance such as bare concrete or rock for instance.  The different appearances that you can "paint" on the walls and floors you create are called "textures" and they are what add life to the things you create.  Once the room has been created you can choose from a wide variety of textures to decorate the rooms.  


I tried to pick the closest approximation of how things looked in 2001 when I started.  The tunnels all bear a rusted corrugated metal texture to mimic the real tunnels and I used a concrete texture in the blast locks.  There was vinyl floor tile in the control center's upper level and also in the equipment terminal and so I chose the checkerboard pattern you see above.


Since I was mostly using prefab textures that came with Unreal, I often had trouble finding an appropriate look for some areas, but all in all I think things turned out pretty good.


Looking toward launcher #3 from inside blast lock #1.  The interlocking blast doors are however absent and never did get added.


I finally started branching out toward the launchers, which was the area I was dying to work on.  The antenna tunnel and terminal were left for dead last because they just weren't as interesting as the propellant terminals and missile silos.


Cutaway showing the blast locks, power house, control center and entry portal in the distance-- and a large gun!


I was eager to start on the propellant terminals because if you've ever seen what they look like today, you can see they don't look like much of anything anymore but an empty shell.  Looking at the drawings and a couple operational photos showed that these terminals were packed from top to bottom with equipment and piping.  I really wanted to get a sense of what they had been like before they were scrapped and so they were the next major task on my list.


An overhead view of the completed propellant terminal showing the upper level and connecting tunnels.


Propellant terminal blueprint.


Another overhead view showing the LOX bay and connecting tunnels.


These next few stills are probably the best view I will ever get of a Titan I propellant terminal unless someone lets me into the OSTF (Operational Silo Test Facility) at Vandenberg AFB, and I'm not even sure if that has remained unmolested after all these years.


Lower level of the propellant terminal showing the LOX and helium sub-coolers and stairs.  Obviously a lot is missing but the truth is that I added more detail in this one area than any other.


Propellant terminal upper level showing the oddly phallic-looking representations of the clusters of gas cylinders.  Each of these was actually an array of 5 or more smaller cylinders.  I confess I wimped out and simplified each array into one domed pillar to save time.


Propellant Terminal #1at 724-C today: It is sad that the real propellant terminals are not quite so tidy as the model and bear little resemblance to it or the operational configuration anymore.  There was a lot of valuable salvage to be had in these structures and so they were fairly gutted.


One last overhead view showing the propellant terminal and the LOX tunnel at its interface to the launcher silo.  Also shown are the LOX loading and vent shaft and the fuel tunnel branching off of the LOX tunnel.


By far the most woefully incomplete structure of the model has to be the silo.  This is due mainly to the lack of detailed information about the cribwork and other features of the silos.  It was as I was working on the launcher areas I thought how cool it would be to add the cribwork and make it possible to open the silo doors and be able to raise and lower the missile.  


This was possible with UnrealED, I was able to make working elevators for the entry portal and equipment terminals, but I never got as far as the silos.  The more I thought about such ideas, the more I wished I could simulate the facilities and guidance consoles in software to do a simulated launch-- a really crazy idea in terms of effort required!  Still, I thought about it a lot anyway in spite of my lack of technical capability to carry out such a task.


The barren and featureless silos.


The equipment terminals were also rather barren except for the access panel openings, elevators and personnel and utilities tunnels.  However, the elevators all worked and would take you to all 4 levels by pressing corresponding buttons.


A bit dark and empty: an overhead view of the equipment terminal as interpreted by UnrealEd and myself.


A cutaway view showing all the levels and the personnel elevator and utilities and personnel tunnels.


One of the 3 completed launcher areas showing all the underground structures, junctions and tunnels.


Finally I got around to adding the antenna tunnel and terminal, though it wasn't much to look at without the antennas, catwalks, elevators or other features.


Looks like some odd creature but its really an overhead of the antenna terminal and silos.


The last thing I did was to add details and make adjustments to the model to enhance or correct its appearance.  This was of course never fully completed (not even close in fact) and what you see is the final product in the next section.  You will also be able to see videos that will show you what it was like to "walk" and to "fly" through this model.


More model pictures and even some videos ahead.  Click below to continue or select an area on the map below to explore elsewhere.



Titan I Model Cont.


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