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Site Updates 2008

This is a log of changes and updates to the web site listed in descending order from newest to oldest.  This site is very much a Work in Progress and my work on it is ever on-going though updates may be slow.


If you are looking for what's new, you've come to the right place!  Links are provided to updated material when applicable, and postings are organized by date.  Check back often, you never know when I'll add something new!

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12/01/2008 - Missile Silo Section I Updated

The Missile Silos section Part I has been updated to include an account by the engineer himself about how the design of the flame deflector came about.  It is an interesting bit of history I am proud that he has offered to share on the site.  See how the flame deflectors' design influenced that of other major structures in the launchers.

11/24/2008 - LOX Tunnel Section Completed!

At long last I have an update!  The LOX Tunnels and Loading Vents section is now complete.  My humblest apologies for taking so long.  Work has continued to demand more and more of my time.  I will continue work on the site no matter how long it may take for updates to be completed.  Unless you read that I have abandoned the site, you will continue to see updates here.


I plan to have more updates soon as I should have time over the holidays for more additions.  Please keep checking back, and thanks to all the good folks who have written with kind things to say about the site.  Please don't hesitate to write if you have questions or comments.  I respond to all emails as quickly as I can.


Senseless Ads - A Little Tirade If I May


Some of you may have noticed that back in October that ads appeared on the web site.  This was no accident as I finally submitted to the advice of a number of folks that I could perhaps underwrite my costs of operating the site with some simple and hopefully unobtrusive banner ads.


I had resisted this for over a year because I absolutely loathe most advertising.  I also loathe Google.  If you're not aware of it, Google represents a terrible threat to your privacy every time you use it or one of its services.  They collect and aggregate every datum that passes through their servers and store it indefinitely looking for ways to sell it, or use it to market to you or otherwise profit.  This is how they have become an unstoppable behemoth that thrives off of you whether you like it or not.  They are by no means the only game in town--no, everyone else in the field wants to emulate them because of the crazy amount of money they can make exploiting you.


AdSense is Google's web advertising arm and this was just the service my friends urged me to try.  AdSense claims to tailor ads to your website for you and find appropriate content to market there.  Also, they tell you that you can easily review and omit ads you don't like etc. etc.  Okay, I thought, I will give it a shot and see how it goes.


I set up the service, which was rather unnecessarily confusing I thought, and allowed ads to contaminate my site.  


To my extreme displeasure, the ads that appeared had absolutely nothing to do with my web site.  I foresaw this, thinking "what the heck could anyone sell that's really related to Cold War missiles?"  But after some thinking, I figured maybe military surplus and collectibles or something of that sort.  I didn't think that would be so bad.  


However, I saw nothing of the sort and to my horror even found ads for tombstones appearing, no doubt Ad Sense in its infinite wisdom had seized on the word "Epitaph" from my site as contextually appropriate and pegged me for a marketing niche for the death care industry.


I found that I was completely unable to review ads at all and that despite reassurances from AdSense that the "context" of the ads would improve after being up for a week or so, that not one damn thing changed and nothing improved at all.  An appeal to customer service was given a useless automated reply.  I did what I could to fix the problem but nothing seemed to change anything at all.  It was like they just ignored any attempt by me to have a hand in what was advertised so I pulled the plug completely.  The hell with them.


Even worse, and what was in large part the final straw, was a banner with huge letters shouting:


at the top of the propellant terminals section, no doubt clueing in on the stainless steel tanks described there.  Now I'm sure that SEMENTANKS serves a real need to agricultural clients in the livestock industry, but that is no consolation.  That crap had to go, so after a few weeks of trial I pulled every last one.  I received no payment for placing the ads on my site whatsoever.


Now I am placing ads again, but this time I know what they are for and who they represent.  The ads have nothing to do with missiles but they do support a service I use and endorse: secure hosting, aka co-location.  For years I have used InfoBunker to host my site ever since it first went online and never once have I lost service.  Not for a second.


If you are an IT professional seeking highly secure and reliable co-location with a track record of 100% uptime, excellent customer service and competitive rates, I recommend InfoBunker highly.  They have my endorsement along with that of associates of mine who also use their services.


For now, these are the only ads you will see on my site because it is a service I trust and know.  I am never going to allow some uncaring entity to slap random ads all over my site ever again.

05/29/2008 - Propellant Terminals Section Completed!  Egad!

After a horrifically long delay, I finally have an update!  The Propellant Terminals section is now complete. My apologies to all you kind folks who have been checking for new content here over the last 4 months only to find bumpkiss.


Thanks go out to all the people who have written to say they enjoyed the site.  I hope you will find this new section interesting and sorry it took so long.  I hope to be quicker with the next update which will be the LOX tunnels.

01/27/2008 - Missile Silo Section Part IX Completed

Missile Silos section Part IX is now complete.  The Missile Silos section is now officially complete and I will be moving on to new areas in the next update.  Up next will be either the propellant terminals or the equipment terminals.


Once all sections are complete, I will be expanding the existing sections to include more pictures and information as some sections are rather sparse.  This will include an additional section covering the surface of the Titan I complex which has been a serious omission to be resolved as part of this site.


Check back soon for further updates!

01/22/2008 - Missile Silo Section Part VIII Completed

Missile Silos section Part VIII is now complete.  Part IX, the final section, is just a placeholder for now but will be added shortly to complete the Missile Silos section.

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