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Missile Silo Part 7

The Crib Structure Continued

PLEASE NOTE: Many images in this section are very high resolution and may take a while to load.  The images are much larger than they are displayed here, so if you save and view them you can see them at full resolution.  Please be patient and enjoy the details.

Still hovering up near the cap, this section highlights the area from the cap down to about level 2 of the retractable maintenance platforms.


This shot shows the horizontal crib damper still in place while the vertical damper is noticeably absent here, leaving a vacant pillow block at center.  All of the vertical dampers seem to have been removed at this site, apparently leaving the entire weight of the crib structure on the spring shock mounts far below under the water.


View from the launcher elevator motor platform.  The motors are of course long gone.


Another missing vertical crib jack and another horizontal crib jack still in place.


I'm going out on a limb here but my best guess is that this is the underside of the launcher elevator motor platform and the large jaw-like feature is actually the pivot-point for the spring-suspended motor platform.  It is where this little number was once mounted that I crawled up onto the ledge thanks to the bolts that once held this monster in place (providing my guess is correct of course!).


Another nice photo montage at the cap level showing access ladders and maintenance platforms along with the catwalk level of the silo cap.


Another good view of the upper levels of the silo with cribwork in situ


Here you can see one side of the spring suspension for the launcher elevator motor platform.


And here is the other side of the platform with its suspension and a section of the nearby cribwork.


A closer look at part of the previous montage


Broader view from the platform looking out into the cribwork from the silo cap level.


Looking directly across the silo toward the opposite side.  The mount for the silo door hydraulic ram is visible at top center.


Looking through the beams of the top section of the cribwork.  You can see that some beams have been cut away by the salvagers' torches to facilitate removal of equipment and steel.


A close-up view of some of the upper-most platforms and structure at the cap level.



Moving downward a bit to a lower elevation of the cribwork...

Looking up from maintenance platform level 1.


View from beneath the launcher elevator motor platform.  Notice the retracted work platforms both directly at left on level 1 and below on level 2 at the lower right of the photo.


Looking left from below the motor platform at the retractable work platforms on levels 1 and 2.


View beneath at the motor platform level.







Montage showing the cribwork from the cap level all the way down to level 3 where water has filled the silo.


This one is a bit large and as a result doesn't appear as though it could fit together so well, but I included it for the interesting details it highlights.


Looking down into level 1.


Going down!  More cribwork in the next section.  Click below to have a look.



Missile Silos Part VIII


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