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Titan I 3D Model Part 3

After completing the basic complex and its major features, I went back to add missing details to flesh out areas to make them a bit more realistic (in so much as was possible) and accurate.  


Cutaway showing the power house without the pipe trenches and a few other details being held at gun point!


One of the first areas I returned to for further development was the power house.  It was just an empty dome with no mezzanine level and didn't look like much.


I added the mezzanine level, support columns and the office, latrine and work shop.  Next I put the pipe trenches and their steel gratings in and the vibration damping pad for the massive ice banks.  I added stairs to the mezzanine and the railings last.


The final look of the power house from above with the mezzanine in place.  Still rather barren but looking much better with some added details.


I wanted to add the generators but there were no good textures to approximate their appearance.  I had planned to just put in their rough shape but it never got accomplished.


Blueprint view without the mezzanine included.


One last cutaway view of the completed power house showing added details and both levels.


I went on to add details to the control center and entry portal, adding a working freight elevator and doors and even sounds for the doors opening and the elevator moving.


View showing the control center relative to the other parts of the complex.  Note the absence of the antenna tunnel which would be running toward the lower left corner.


Looking toward the launchers from above the main tunnel junction.


View from a different angle to show detail.


View of one of the completed launcher areas to show relative position and detail.  Note the mysterious LOX bay on the left.  This is just about the only way to ever see one-- that is, virtually, since they were all ripped out early on to remove the valuable multi-walled stainless steel LOX tanks.


Overhead view of the completed main tunnel junction for comparison.


Blueprint of the above main tunnel junction (T.J.#10) showing some of the inaccuracies of my work along with how close other portions turned out.  Good enough for government work!


The interior of the functional freight elevator car in the entry portal.  I added the eerie green light out of personal preference.  Turns out there were 2 of these light fixtures instead of 1, but the design here is very close to the real fixture.


I spent a lot of  time making the portal elevator and the elevators in the 3 equipment terminals work.  The portal elevator was fairly simple until I tried to add opening doors at the bottom.  I never put in doors at the top so its rather a hazard, but I put in call buttons at the top and bottom and floor buttons.


An Unreal soldier badass waiting for the freight elevator to arrive.  Note the small call button on the beam to the right of the doors.  When you approached the elevator, the doors would open automatically.  The entry portal it turns out would be my biggest mistake in terms of scale.  The portal, elevator and stairs were all way too big and tall!


The real elevator was perhaps about 10' to 12' square whereas mine gave the impression of being about 20' square.  Oops...  


As for the stairs, the rise was so high that the little marines (depicted above) had to jump to ascend them.  Oops again...


The elevators in the equipment terminals were much more complicated because there needed to be a call button for each floor and 4 buttons in the elevator so that took longer to set up, but the results worked really well. 


An overhead view of the entire completed complex model.


The model was just a diversion that I included here for those interested.  It was fun although time-consuming.  I hope it will be enjoyed.


Now for what I think is the best part; here are 3 videos I captured as I moved about the model.  There is no sound and the video quality is not great unfortunately, but I think the videos are still really cool and show off the work quite well.  This is as close as I can hope to get you to being able to see the inside of a Titan I without real video.  


In the future, I hope to add some video taken by a friend of 724-C, but for now, this is as close as most folks can get to visiting a Titan I.  These files are a bit large and so depending on your connection speed may take a while to download.  


Please do not post these videos to any online communities such as Myspace or YouTube or similar sites.  I don't mind sharing them but I would prefer they were not altered or hosted elsewhere to the benefit of some corporation.  These files are copyrighted and owned by myself.  Thank you.




Right click on the filename and choose the appropriate option to save the file to your pc.




Cutaway Flyby.avi 14.8M View of the complex as you fly over, through and around it from both the inside and the outside.
Launcher 3 lightning tour.avi 26.9M Running around inside of launcher #3.
Interior lightning tour.avi 69.3M Running and flying around inside the complex showing a large portion of the interior.


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