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Missile Silo Part 9

The Final Countdown


This final section on the missile silo descends deeper into to the watery depths of the silo to look at the cribwork as much as is possible until the murky waters conceal the lower portions.


PLEASE NOTE: Many images in this section are very high resolution and may take a while to load.  The images are much larger than they are displayed here, so if you save and view them you can see them at full resolution.  Please be patient and enjoy the details.

The large red-painted fire water conduit circumscribes level 3 and branches out to the upper and lower levels to provide fire suppression from "fog nozzles" which were designed to douse fires with a heavy mist.


A deluge of water was provided to the upper levels before, during and after a launch to protect the silo and equipment within from the intense heat of the rocket motors.



At level 3 the catwalk was just under water at this site.  It is a shame that more cribwork was not accessible.



Down to the Wire: Here you can see someone standing on the very threshold of damp and dry


This last group of photos are more montages which give a better overall picture when combined.  I cannot stress strongly enough how much the size of these images has been reduced by shoe-horning them into this web page and so once again I urge you to save these photos and view them outside of the site so you can better see the details.









Catwalk level 2 north


West side of crib from cap




You may recall that earlier in the silo section I hinted at seeing the very bottom of the missile silo, well this last photo is exactly that.  This is the ONLY picture I have, for which thanks must go out to Fred Epler for providing it.  I think I may have seen one other photo of this area, but I do not have any more pictures of the bottom of the silo.  I hope you find it interesting though it does not show much.

A construction photo of the bottom of the silo:  A small staircase provided access to a steel grating platform.  There was little to be seen here under the cribwork save for some electrical conduit, supply and return air ductwork and some access panels in the grating.  Beneath the grating there was about 6 feet of space to the concrete floor of the silo.  There was a sump well and pump to remove any water and perhaps a few work lights.  This is the deepest and most remote area of the Titan I complex, literally 15 stories underground!

Thus we have completed our look at the Titan I missile silo.  Please click below to explore other areas of the complex:



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