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Equipment Terminals Part IV

Level IV, the switchgear room, used to contain switchgear (basically large industrial electrical breakers) motor controls (large industrial on/off switches really), DC power generation, storage batteries, transformers and rectifiers.  Essentially all of that is gone from 724-C and probably most of the sites since such equipment is very useful and valuable in industrial applications.


Mr. X at 724-C E.T.#1 marveling at the unique support structure that holds up the entire floor.  And look, railings!  Several sections are missing but it provides a modicum of safety.


What remains is a random assortment of junk, mostly electrical in nature and a covering of sand and dirt washed in from the surface by rain water.  This level has a lot of corrosion like level I and little of the equipment has been left behind save for an air conditioning unit and a heavy-duty battery rack devoid of batteries.


Another look at the spring beams and vertical supports on level IV.  On the left with scabrous and rusted-through paint is the ladder vestibule offering access to the floor below.


Stepping back a bit, this shot gives a better look at the ladder vestibule at 724-C E.T.#3.  Notice that the railings shown in the previous picture are not present here.  As always, watching one's step in the old Titan sites is paramount.  Hazards are many and varied in these sites! 


The ladder vestibule again, this time closer up.  You can see intricate and heavy cable trays that once held DC and AC power lines now leaning against the wall.  Next to the cable trays there are a couple of the equipment access hatch cover panels extending into the open doorway to the ladder down to level III.


Looking through a doorway behind the ladder vestibule in 724-C E.T.#1  There's a few more of those equipment access hatch covers laying on the floor-- those things were everywhere except over the equipment access hatches!


Stepping through the doorway: to the left is the shaft for the personnel elevator.  A very sturdy battery rack sets in the background.


A battery rack that once held some rather large and heavy batteries.  This rack probably held around a ton of weight in batteries alone.


A sign posted on the wall of the elevator shaft opposite the battery rack


A view with chilled ethylene glycol supply and return lines at left and the elevator shaft at right.  The battery rack is at center behind the conduit and supports at center.  Note the sign shown in the previous photo hanging on the wall on the right.


Looking at the AC unit and the elevator shaft (at right), this unit maintained the temperature on level IV.


Looking further to the left: AC unit and junk laying on the floor


Looking down from level IV into level III.  The vinyl tile flooring is still visible here


Another inter-floor view from level IV to level III


Looking up from near the elevator shaft at the 10' diameter equipment access hatch in the ceiling.  This is where most of the water has leaked in over the decades after the scrappers put the hatch cover haphazardly back in place.


Inside the personnel elevator shaft: it would appear that the scrappers used these timbers to hoist scrap between levels and then up and out through the access hatch to the surface.  These timbers are wedged in between the elevator shaft and the rattle space on level IV.


Looking down the elevator shaft.  The elevator car is just visible (partially) below


A scene of random clutter on level IV


Cable tray, glycol plumbing, conduit and junk on level IV


One final look at 724-C E.T.#3.  This may well be how it looks for the next 100 years unless someone comes in and cleans up the site for some sort of commercial use.


So ends our look at the equipment terminals.  Who can say what the future holds for the Titan sites?  Will someone manage to clean up and make use of these massive relics of the awful Cold War era of fear and military posturing?  


Two great nations spent unfathomable fortunes on the concepts of deterrence and Mutually Assured Destruction.  A potential nightmare of nuclear destruction was averted in the Cuban Missile Crisis, but neither player can really be considered a winner.  


Once again, the old tensions, never really absent entirely, seem to be slowly simmering and it is clear even after all these years that the role of the ICBM and its terrible payload has not diminished as a strategic weapon and deterrent to war.

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Current Location: Equipment Terminals Part IV

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