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Control Center Part 4

The Complex Operations room as it appears today.  Not much left really, though the remains of the Launch console can be seen at left.  The raised flooring has been mostly removed, leaving the supports.  The raised floor allowed for the routing of conduit and cabling under the equipment which kept it out of the way.  As this room had so much equipment in it, it tended to get rather noisy, so this room was outfitted with acoustical baffling in the ceiling.


Stripped bare of equipment, the remains of the Operations room are rather skeletal.  The Athena computers were most likely retained by the Military or went to universities (which were probably involved in military research anyway).


What was once the Launch Complex office (AKA the spare bedroom).  The remnants of the launch clock minus the faces and mechanisms.  You can bet they are adorning someone's den somewhere.  The windows (not visible at right) have been smashed and the aluminum foil is long gone-- along with the comfy chairs!



Were it not for it's size and weight, I'm sure this would be gone as well.  Perhaps someday it will be restored and placed on display.


On the other side of the upper level of the Control Center was the Communications Equipment room that contained the phone, alarm, intercom and other comm systems equipment used in the Titan I. 


Bell & Howell, AT&T, WECO (Western Electric CO), Stromberg Carlson and a host of other telco and communications companies' systems were installed to make the site functional.  As the Titans were so large in scale, they required a very complex comm system and were outfitted with systems similar to what a college campus might have had in 1960.


All work areas needed to be in contact with each other in case they needed to contact, or be contacted by any other if there was a need to do so.  This meant there were phones everywhere-- there were phones on the surface, phones at the guard shack, phones at the launchers and phones at the antennas; there were phones in the control center on each level in multiple locations, there were phones throughout the Power House (though I wonder if anyone could hear them), phones in the entry portal, main tunnel and phones in the fuel terminal; each equipment terminal had phones on all 4 levels and the silos themselves had phones at each level of the cribwork and at the personnel tunnel; there were phones in the propellant terminal and the LOX bay and even in the air handling facilities.  In short, there were a SH*TLOAD of phones!


The remaining racks of the comm system.  Much of the wiring is gone, but some remains along with many, many connectors.  Some Stromberg Carlson equipment is still present at left.

Cables 4" in diameter (as seen in the stairwell earlier) used to run from above the ductwork at right (with some conduit still visible at upper right) to these racks.  As there was copper to be had, the cables were salvaged.


Jillions of connectors for jumpers and cables.  This is basically a big wiring block for the entire complex.

That's it for the Control Center.  I could have included pics of the latrine and janitor's closet but I figured since for now my web space is limited, I'll conserve it for more interesting imagery.  


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