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Control Center Part 2

The latrine suffered heavily after closure as shown here.  Another favorite target of smashing was porcelain fixtures.  The silo gnomes were not pleased...


A sad end to the Fortress of Solitude.


As it was expected that during an all-out war there could be some 'rock n' roll' subjected upon the Titans which could potentially unsettle and unnerve the crew and facilities, everything-- and I mean EVERYTHING was (eventually*) installed with shock mounting and/or rattle space.  Typically, any given pipe, conduit, tank, fixture, what-have-you was mandated to have between 6 inches and 1 foot of space to move in the event of any seismic undulations, and anything mounted to the floor or other surface had its very own suspension system.  The crapper was no exception...


* Massive modification programs were implemented after turnover of the sites to allow more movement, more shock suppression, and more flexibility in the systems and equipment at the sites.  These 'mods' went on nearly until the closing of the sites!


A pre-smashed head.  This is a bona-fide shock-mounted toilet.  No foolin'.


It would be just my luck to be on the john when Armageddon comes calling.  Fortunately, I need not worry:


Don't be caught off guard by the Apocalypse!  Don't suffer the heartbreak of splash-back and "unscheduled dismounts" caused by extreme seismic upsets!  Ride it out in style on one of these babies!


That's right folks, this sucker's shock mounted so you can sit in comfort with piece of mind that if The End comes calling while you're "in disposed", your end will remain safely (and comfortably) seated on your patented "Blast-Master" head!

In this underground environment, the old plumber's adage, "Sh*t don't run uphill", does not apply.  Here sh*t, must run uphill or the crew will be in deep sh-- well, you know.  Through the wonders of technology, this seemingly irrevocable law of nature is subverted to keep the Titan sites from meeting a most unpleasant end as a giant cesspit.  Thanks to sump pumps and lift stations, the offending effluent is thusly ejected to the sewage stabilization pond on the surface where it presents little more than a golfing hazard.


The cafeteria was well appointed-- especially when the brass (or the press) were visiting.  There's A1C Brannon again getting some chow.


A large portion-- if not all of the Control Center was a designated smoking area (as seen above).  This provided a respite from the mind-numbing tedium of spending all day underground, or the white-knuckle terror of impending doom or interminable standboard inspections.  Manning the "doomsday device" was undoubtedly stressful so smoking appears to have been practically a requisite.  Even the launch console had an ashtray built right in!


Outside the Control Center there existed a plethora of highly reactive substances which when combined with open flame create an environment inconsistent with life.  Smoking, say, in the propellant terminal, was openly discouraged.


Let's head upstairs already...


Inside the stairwell there are these large service drops which have acted as inroads for water.  Note the 1' of rattle space between the upper and lower levels.


Next we'll get a look at the Complex Operations room-- the central nervous system of the Titan complex. 



Control Center Cont.


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